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Next to the word of God,
Music deserves the highest praise.
The gift of language combined with
the gift of song,was given to man
that he should proclaim the word of God
Through music.      written by-- Luther

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Charlie Durbin Music

Charlie Durbin plays multi instruments like Guitar,Keyboard,Bass,
Banjo,Pedal Steel Guitar, Thanks to multi track recorders I can
play each instrument one at a time then mix the instrument
tracks together and come out with the sound of a band. I am
in the process of putting my cd's on this site which can be downloaded
free of charge, The Lord freely gave me the talent so I am freely
sharing it with you and hope you will enjoy the music. I prefer
gospel and some country classics so this is what will be on this
site soon. Thank you for visiting and inviting others to visit also.

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